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Serena Request Center
by Jo Schott on December 16, 2016
For Catalog items: Add the ability to embed images in the Catalog Item Descriptions. Add the ability to pop out. ...
by Luis Rosado on July 04, 2016
SBM items opened in a browser do not auto-refresh if their state change by another user or an application, so the information shown is incorrect unless the user reminds...
Dimensions CM
by Christoph Hellmayr on May 23, 2016
Sort of items after revision number follows 3 < 46 < 7, but correctly it should be 3 < 7 < 46
Dimensions CM
by Patrick Bryan on April 11, 2016
Show all requests that are used to create a revised baseline when multiple requests are related to the same item.
by Paul Thompson on July 01, 2015
Allow me to add a column to a report using a subquery.
by Ryan Spradlin on June 25, 2015
There are lots of ways currently to filter the values shows in a relational field. Typically these require a dependency and another relational field by essentially creating a cross...
by Tom Clement on June 15, 2015
Add new "External" Single and Multi-Relational fields that use a rest service to access the related records outside of SBM. This permits 'just in time' access to external...
Dimensions CM
by Darren McLaughlin on June 02, 2015
Add the global lifecycle stage in the item/request properties in addition to status and phase.
Dimensions CM
by Sergio Rodriguez on June 01, 2015
Ability to compare two or more request about the items shared? In other words, can we know the items that are shared between request. for example, if the resquest R1...
9 results - showing 1 - 9

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