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by David Sheaffe on October 31, 2016
If you use custom transition buttons on a form you end up with a lot of white space if the action bar and viewport options on the form are...
by Jake Yearous on October 28, 2016
We have many users requesting some sort of notification or popup from the user interface when they are about to time out, it would be nice if the user...
Dimensions CM
by Francesco Grossi on August 25, 2016
Bridge Dimensions from any past, current and future IDE, as well as build tool, by mapping Dimensions categories into the GIT URL (with a REST service translating request and...
by Lucie Mlynarova on July 20, 2016
Users have problem with the name of exported excel file from SBM report. They run report and then export results of the report to excel...
by Luis Rosado on July 04, 2016
SBM items opened in a browser do not auto-refresh if their state change by another user or an application, so the information shown is incorrect unless the user reminds...
Unable to Arrow through Drill Down Menus
Serena Request Center
by Curtis LaPrise on July 01, 2016
Allow users to use the in form arrows to see all requests from the request tab. Today it is limited to the particular drill down such as "Today",...
by Brian Rosenberger on March 07, 2016
Hi, in Composer you can use dynamic values from the item using curly brackets notatation (i.e. {Submit Date}: {Title}).With such, you can refer to the {Item...
by Matthew Frauenhoffer on December 16, 2015
Provide functionality to automatically refresh the work center dashboard at selected intervals.
Release Package
Release Manager/Release Control
by David Berner on November 27, 2015
While obviously most deployment tasks should be fully automatic, there are many use cases for manual tasks. We find that the current Release Package interface does not allow for...
User profile card
by David Berner on November 18, 2015
The user profile card is a nice unintrusive way to display user information. I would be great to have a similar fonctionality for relational fields. Hovering over such a...
23 results - showing 1 - 10
1 2 3  

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